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Within Translized, each pricing plan has a different number of keys available for your localization project.

What are “Keys”?

At its core, a “Key” represents a key in your project that needs translation. Think of it as a unique identifier for a specific piece of text, waiting to be translated into various languages. Let's illustrate: Imagine a Financial app with the title “Available Cash”. In the app's source code, this might be tagged as “BalanceScreen.availableCash.title”. If you wish to translate this title into three languages, “BalanceScreen.availableCash.title” counts as just 1 key, irrespective of the number of translations for “Available Cash”. While other platforms might bill based on translation counts, word counts, or a mix, we've chosen simplicity. With our "Keys" approach, you can easily gauge costs and scale your project across languages without diving into intricate estimates.

Example of Keys within Translized.

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 7.42.56 PM.png

How many keys do I have in Translized?

Once you begin your Translized trial, you’ll have 60,000 keys (Enterprise plan). After the 7-day free trial, you will be automatically switched to the Free Plan, which has 200 keys available, until you decide to upgrade. See our Pricing plans page for more details.


To learn more, view Translized’s Pricing Plans.