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Continuous Localization Automations

Set of rules for complete automation of localization processes inside your project.

Auto-Toggle Unverified

Translized will automatically toggle (mark) other language translations as "Unverified" whenever you update primary language translation.


We recommend having this feature enabled at all times as it helps you keep track of which translations are up-to-date, and which need additional review.


With Pre-Translation feature, you can automatically translate new keys into multiple languages directly after importing your files to Translized.

  • From Language

    • Language you are translating from. This is usually the primary project language - because it already has all keys translated.
  • To Languages

    • Language you want your newly imported keys to be translated to. You can select as many languages as there are on your project.
  • Translation Memory

    • If this option is checked, Translized will perform search and check for already existing translations across all of your projects. You can check more details and how it works on Translation Memory page.
  • Machine Translation

    • If this options is checked, Translized will translate all newly imported keys with Machine Translation. Note that if you don't have enough machine translation characters, keys will not be translated.

If both Translation Memory and Machine Translation are checked, Translized will first check for Translation Memory as it asumes that it will be more accurate translation if there is one. If there is no match found, Translized will perform Machine Translation to translate key on respective language.

Imported Keys

Automation rules that will apply on New or Updated keys from your imported file.

  • Override existing translations

    • This option will allow you to ovveride existing translations with imported keys. Checking this option will unlock Updated Keys option below.

    We recommend leaving this option unchecked, if you want to set a localization flow where key translations can only be updated manually within the app. Additionally, if you have a language-specific translator, you don’t want to risk accidentally modifying the translations when importing a file.

  • New Keys

    • Tags
      • Assign previously created tags to newly imported keys.
  • Updated Keys

    • Tags

      • Assign previously created tags to keys which have been updated within your imported file.
    • Deleted Keys

      • Activate this option if you want to delete all other key translations for a key which has been updated in your imported file.

      We recommend using this option to ensure all other translations are updated.