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Android CLI

You can download desired files from:

  1. Download translate.rb for Android and put it to root folder of you project.
  2. Open Terminal and navigate to root folder of your project.
  3. Run command:
ruby translate.rb [projectId] [api-token] [destination]
  • projectId is ID of your project and can be found inside your project's settings. (Translized App > Your Project > Settings)
  • api-token is your API token (user/account bound) and can be found inside your API settings. (Translized App > Account > API Settings)
  • destination is path to the folder where files will be downloaded. Files will be in value-{locale} folders as per Android preferences.
    • Examples:
      • Primary language: /{destination}/values/strings.xml
      • others: /{destination}/values-de/strings.xml