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Export Project Language

Exports project language.

Request type: POST

API Endpoint


projectIdStringTrueId of your project
exportFormatStringTrueFormat of file for export
languageCodeStringTrueCode of language to export
replaceEmptyWithPrimaryTranslationsBooleanFalseReplace empty translations with primary translations
replaceEmptyWithPseudolocalizationObjectFalseReplace empty translations with pseudolocalized primary translations. 'increasePercentage' parameter in Object sets the length of pseudolocalized string (example: "replaceEmptyWithPseudolocalization":{"increasePercentage": 83} )
transformPlaceholdersiOSAndroidBooleanFalseReplace all placeholders with native ones. Use this parameter when you have one Translized project for both iOS and android.

Example requests

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "api-token: 42cf5fec-a74c-4a53-8ebc-86a4e52b7ce6" \
-d "{"projectId":"A3KJtLw4mt", "exportFormat":"json", "languageCode":"en"}" \
  • projectId can be found inside your project's settings. (Translized App > Your Project > Settings )
  • List of all supported languages with languageCode values can be found in our Supported Languages section.
  • Supported exportFormat values can be found in our File Formats section.

Example response

"result": {
"fileURL": ""